Finneas McBly With A Log In His Eye 

32 page soft-cover book, 9″ by 9″ with audio Story and Songs CD, $6.99  

Book One in the Penworthy’s Parables series

“Finneas McBly will have your child laughing and learning.” Bill Myers

“Children will love the funny characters!” Michelle Medlock Adams

Grumpy old Finneas McBly stomps into Speckleberg, ready to pull specks and find faults, until he trips over his own problem and splashes into the mud, a changed man. “I’ll stop finding faults in others,” he tells Pinky the pink pig, “and see my own faults instead.” It’s a speck-tacular retelling of Christ’s Judge Not parable, written by award-winning radio producer Rod Butler, with hilarious characters and stunning artwork from Daniel G. Miller and Parker Ott. 

Audio CD features fully-dramatized story with actors, music and sound effects, plus several original songs including “Pinky’s Polka” by Joey Geisel and Rod Butler.

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The Brilliant Adventures of Captain FlashLight

2D animated TV series based on the mini-series heard on The Coconut Hut Radio Show

He’s bold! He’s brilliant! He’s Captaaaaaaaain FlashLight! Ready to shine with Blinkie the LumaDog, Neoni LeLuni, and Professor Tungston Luminous. And ready to face dark-doers Low Voltage and Bulbus, Louie Dah Lampshade, Stop-Light, and others. This video, “Smooth and Steady” is an early animated short from Filament City Media, designed to be the springboard for an animated TV series. Written by Rod Butler, drawn and animated by Parker Ott, with music by Joey Geisel and Rod Butler. Watch videos at


Filament City Media

“Our goal,” says founder Rod Butler, “is to produce top-notch entertainment that’s pure-hearted and light-hearted, built on the foundation of God’s Word and ways. So much of today’s media is dark-hearted, leading kids and tweens into questionable living patterns. As Captain FlashLight says, ‘It’s time to shine!’” Founded in 2008, the non-profit company gets its name from the wire inside a light bulb. “Energy flows through that little wire,” Rod says, “and brings a brilliance that can illuminate a whole room. When God empowers the media we create, we believe it can become a brilliant burst of light, strong enough to shatter the darkness.” “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.” Matthew 5:14                          

Rod Butler  

Rod Butler grew up in Southern California, listening to the snapping keys of the typewriter as his father John K. Butler wrote pulp detective stories and screenplays for Republic Pictures. Rod went on to perform puppets and write segments for TV’s The Backyard. In 1989 he created FunLight Radio, which aired for 10 years, reaching over 100 outlets. Rod currently serves as the Director of Children’s Programming for KCBI, creating KidZone Radio and the nationally syndicated Coconut Hut Radio Show. He lives in Texas with his family, and lots and lots of puppets.